How we work

We help you turn your systems of record into platforms for innovation.

Transform your core IT into a business enabler using LzLabs’ unique approach.

Our software.

LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® (LzSDM)

  • LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe (SDM) is the only solution that gives you the freedom to run mainframe assets on a modern platform without recompilation or data changes – minimizing risk, saving time, and accelerating innovation. 


    Once moved, the magic in your applications is set free and ready to fuel business growth.

  • Our software.

    LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® (LzSDM)

    Migrated applications can be maintained by employees with a wide range of development backgrounds – including mainframe, Linux and other programming languages – and incremental modernization keeps disruption to a minimum, so everything continues running as you modernize.

Our software package.


A licence for SDM gives you the freedom to run mainframe applications in an environment of your choice


Access our E-Learning Platform to train your team on running mainframe applications on Linux architectures


Our Customer Service team is here to support you 24/7

Your journey to SDM

With comprehensive consulting services, the LzLabs team demystifies the migration process and defines a clear plan for you to execute.

Work with our trusted system integration partners to implement the plan and make your migration journey a smooth and successful one.

  • 01 Discovery

    Step one on your journey. Working together with your experts, we document your mainframe environment and all its applications, interdependencies, interfaces, and third-party products.

    A thorough understanding of your environment means you can make modernization decisions with the SDM that drive your business forward.

  • 02 Enable

    Backed by a knowledge of your current environment, we work with you to construct a new one that ensures your applications will run as expected in the new world.

    With SDM you can test constantly throughout migration to ensure zero business disruption and complete accuracy.

  • The stage is set for your new business platform. Your applications and infrastructure team have all the tools they need, and your modernization journey is in full swing.

    You can now embrace the freedom of open systems and continue to set your IT free.

Our modernization principles

Freedom to choose your innovation path:

Our team has worked with every mainframe technology on the market.

This experience means we can guide you on the best transformation options for your business. Take advantage of public or hybrid cloud, DevOps and new languages that can accelerate innovation.

Transfer knowlege

Transfer knowledge to drive sustainability:

With our unique approach, core business processes and applications can be managed by team members with varied development backgrounds. This creates a truly sustainable platform for the future. The familiarity of migrated applications to your mainframe team means their knowledge remains invaluable.

Minimize risk

Minimize project risk:

Our incremental method ensures business continuity and zero downtime during migration. As your applications will not change, you can test continuously to ensure project success. 

It’s time to set your IT free.

How suitable for migration are your applications? Contact our team for a free assessment.