On Demand Webinar: Reduce the existential risk of legacy transformation.

Recorded on 23. February 2023.


This subject has often been approached from the perspective of what makes legacy transformation projects fail.

We have identified methodologies that increase the chances of success of what is undeniably a highly complex undertaking. We will explore how to frame the business transformation, align visions and stakeholders, and outline the economic case. We will dive deeper into the essential elements of successful modernisation projects. And we will walk you through real-life examples from our customers.

Join LzLabs’ Tobias Braun, JP Duignan and Nick Hampson for this interactive conversation.


15:30 – 15:40

Make the case for legacy transformation

John Paul Duignan

15:40 – 15:55

What makes projects succeed

Nick Hampson, Tobias Braun

15:55 – 16:10


Meet the Speakers

LowResTobias GAB20210706 8195

Tobias Braun

Head of Consulting

With over 10 years of history in mainframe workload modernisation at IBM, PKS and LzLabs, Tobias combines a broad technical know-how with strategic thinking and thus realises modernisation strategies together with companies across all industries.

Nick Hampson

Nick Hampson

VP Product Management

Nick has worked with teams all over the world in the areas of solution delivery, training, consulting, and pre-sales. Nick is skilled in UX design, design thinking, agile and lean development, product management, and digital transformation.

LowResJP Duignan GAB20211006 3464 3

John Paul Duignan 

Regional Director

For over 20 years John Paul has helped customers to align technology strategy with their personal ambitions and their organisations change imperative. John Paul is responsible for France, Canada, Ireland and UK.