LzLabs Collaborates with Red Hat to Develop Linux Platform for Mainframe Apps

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LzLabs works with Red Hat to Shift Customer Mainframe Applications to Open Linux Server and Cloud Platforms

By LzLabs GmbH, Zürich, Switzerland

Zurich, 14 March 2016 – LzLabs announced today that it is working with Red Hat to deliver the world’s first Software Defined Mainframe – a technology solution designed to enable customers to move their legacy mainframe applications and data easily to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

LzLabs plans to collaborate with Red Hat on both the technology platform for the LzLabs Software Defined MainframeTM and also on sales and marketing initiatives to introduce the concept to customers across Europe. Customers making the migration to the Software Defined Mainframe will be supported by LzLabs and Red Hat both during and post the migration process. The joint marketing activities are expected to commence at CeBIT 2016 through representation of the Red Hat brand in the LzLabs booth (Hall 6, Swiss Pavilion, Stand D30) and in collaborative industry analyst activities.

The LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® is designed to support major legacy operating environments and languages so that customers can escape the high recurring cost of mainframe software and hardware – while preserving their enormous investment in legacy applications, data and business processes.

“Red Hat Enterprise Linux has been proven to be the Linux platform of choice for many enterprise customers seeking a modern, stable operating system for modern and next-generation IT deployments. As migrating mainframe applications to a software-abstracted layer becomes a real capability, Red Hat Enterprise Linux will again stand ready to be a reliable and flexible platform for this new phase of enterprise computing,” explains Jim Totton, Vice President and General Manager, Platforms Business Unit, Red Hat. “LzLabs is opening the door for mainframe customers to pursue platform modernizations and implement digital transformation.”

“The LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe provides a platform for mainframe customers that will deliver a new era of efficiency and openness,” states Thilo Rockmann, Chairman of LzLabs. “It was critical that we chose a partner proven throughout the IT industry customers could absolutely rely on for the stability, security features and rigour of the platform – and Red Hat embodies this.”

At CeBIT 2016, LzLabs is exhibiting in the Swiss Pavilion
(Hall 6, Stand D30, Center Row – Booth #201)

About the Software Defined Mainframe

LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® enables both Linux and Cloud infrastructure to process thousands of transactions per second, while maintaining enterprise requirements for reliability, scalability, serviceability and security. This software solution includes a faithful re-creation of the primary online, batch and database environments, which enables unrivaled compatibility and exceptional performance, to dramatically reduce IT costs.

About Legacy Applications

With over 70 percent of commercial transactions occurring on mainframe-based systems, organisations have become dependent on legacy applications stuck behind outdated application programming interfaces (APIs). Historically, these organizations have been forced to abandon compatibility with the mainframe in order to move legacy applications and data to Linux orthe cloud. Abandoning compatibility makes migration very difficult as critical data will need tobe converted and complex applications must be rewritten or recompiled and tested in a new environment. LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe protects customers’ investment in their business processes by eliminating recompilations of COBOL and PL/I programs, data conversion and complex testing.

LzLabs has developed a managed software container that provides enterprises with a viable way to migrate applications from mainframes onto Linux computers or private, public and hybrid cloud environments. When legacy application programs are placed into the container, the customers’ programs are enhanced to run on modern computers and decades-old APIs are exchanged for newer, more contemporary ones.

LzLabs’ software solution allows the executable form of legacy customer mainframe programsto operate without changes and without compromise to performance in a contemporary and cost- effective computing environment, and enables mainframe data to be written and read in its native formats. This new environment works without forcing recompilations of COBOL or PL/1 application programs or making complex changes to the enterprise business environment.