About LzLabs

We are LzLabs.

  • Our mission.

    Our unique software transforms existing IT into a modern computing environment and we are passionate about leading our customers to technology that is fit for the future.

  • Our vision.

    To unlock the value embedded in legacy systems.

Our story.

We love technology, but it’s what people do with it that really gets us excited.

Since 2011, we have built and refined technology that revolutionizes how our customers do business. Along the way we have helped organizations on their modernization journeys, joined forces with partners that help us deliver on our mission and built a team of 100+ brilliantly different people across the world.

Our values.

LzLabs was founded on a core set of values that shape how we work.



Our customers depend on us to develop solutions which solve their most complex IT challenges. We work tirelessly to build revolutionary products and services, and customers trust these to continue running long after delivery.



We are committed to our customers and partners. From the first meeting through post-production, we are by their side, dedicated to success and providing 100% clarity on their journey.



Our customers make courageous decisions, and so must we. We embrace challenge in all that we do, and even when the road ahead is unclear, we find a path to success.



We are continually faster, more efficient and innovative in all that we do. We embrace the world of opportunity in open-source and the cloud to enable agile, powerful solutions for our customers.



Only if we remain curious can we continue to provide products and services which revolutionize our customers’ modernization journeys.

Our customers.

We count some of the world’s leading organizations as our customers. See how they are setting their IT free and driving innovation.

LzLabs Team

Our People.

LzLabs employees are key to our success. We have over 100 vastly experienced people working in nine countries across the world to help our customers achieve their modernization goals.

Our software.

The unique LzLabs software platform revolutionizes the way you do business by providing the simplest and safest method to modernize your applications and data.

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Want to make the most out of your applications and data? Our team of experts is ready to help.