LzLabs featured in Sunday Times “Cloud for Business” report 

Mainframe Modernization Survey 2021

Modernising the legacy application landscape should not necessarily involve complete replacement. In fact, many aspects of an organisation’s technology architecture are there for good reason and remain critical to core processes. On the other hand, parts of an IT infrastructure might not be as adaptable to current demands and shifting business objectives.  Rather than looking […]

Funkschau: Mainframe Modernisation

Mainframe Modernization Survey 2021

Funkschau: “Let’s take a look at the practice – what can you report here?” Thilo Rockmann, LzLabs: “LzLabs helped the Italian bank BPER to reduce its dependency on the mainframe. Here, LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® (SDM) is utilised in two different ways. On the one hand, applications are migrated to SDM and, on the other […]

TechRadar Pro: The legacy mainframe crisis – Why COBOL is not the issue

mainframe applications to achieve agility

Why are so many organizations – including the state governments of New Jersey, Kansas, Connecticut and Colorado – experiencing such issues with legacy applications written in COBOL? I argue that the problem is not with COBOL itself, but with the arcane mainframe environment the programmers must inhabit to maintain the programs. Read the full article