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Designed to simplify connecting heritage and modern systems and data sources: The LzLabs Integration Platform lets you break apart the monolith and determine the best strategy and migration plan for each application’s future.

It provides tools and connectors between the legacy and the modern world as well as patterns that allow companies to modernise using a step-by-step approach.

No legacy modernisation project stands alone: Capitalize on this legacy modernisation platform to decrease complexity, risk, and time to value. 

The pragmatic support to your
choice of modernisation.

There is no one size fits all” approach to legacy transformation. Big bang” projects have failed and caused risks for businesses. Therefore, success must be defined by delivering incremental value while avoiding risks, reducing costs, and fostering innovation.  

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We designed the LzLabs Integration Platform to work alongside legacy systems to simplify modernisation projects. It has been built over many real-world projects to solve known issues and prepare for the variety of transformation pathsan enabler for you to use any of the 7R’s.  

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How can you gradually migrate applications and data off the mainframe while seamlessly bridging and connecting legacy environments to the modern world? What’s the step-by-step approach that delivers ROI along the way? And what if you’re facing severe roadblocks in the middle of your migration project?

We share how customers move off the mainframe and introduce our comprehensive approach to accelerating mainframe migration to the modern world.

Here’s an example: An application has been transcoded to Java on a new system. However, the data is still on the mainframe and being shared by multiple mainframe applications. Change data capture solutions are often used to address the issue, yet they add complexity and cost to a project. 
With the LzLabs Integration Platform, state-of-the-art systems can access data hosted on legacy systems seamlessly even when the new systems are in the cloud and not collocated with the mainframe. The shared data can then be decommissioned gradually, as required.


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Many organisations we worked with were initially looking into a single modernisation solution to different issues. Often, these solutions required a big-bang approach due to the complexity of the mainframe estate. We have seen a better way: Choosing on an app-by-app basis what is the best migration treatment (7R’s), allowing for the creation of a tailored strategy that creates value quickly and significantly reduces risk. You are free to make the ideal choice for each application in the portfolio: a step-by-step approach that delivers results on the way and removes issues from the critical path of transformation projects.

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