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Do you have an upcoming or ongoing migration project? Take 30 minutes, talk to our CTO Jan Jaeger and benefit from an instant feedback session with him.

A great Opportunity

LzLabs invites you to a series of virtual meetings with Jan Jaeger, our CTO and Chief Software Architect to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and successful projects regarding off-mainframe migration.   

You will benefit from this refreshing opportunity to chat directly with Jan about your legacy transformation strategy, get practical takeaways four your specific projects and ideas on how to solve issues. Learn about LzLabs’ services for a low risk, step-by-step mainframe transformation journey that realises ROI on the way. 

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Who is our CTO?

Jan Jaeger Rounded

Jan Jaeger

Chief Technology Officer & Chief Software Architect

Jan Jaeger was the co-inventor of Hercules, the mainframe emulation hardware. He has been programming on Unix systems since 1981, and IBM mainframes since 1984 for clients in the financial, oil, and airlines industries. Jan has extensive experience in the fields of systems programming, security, and information risk management. He has more than 30 years of experience working in large organizations, including Accenture, BT, Shell, ING Bank, IBM, and Ansett Airlines of Australia and a proven track record of delivering projects successfully by being able to translate very complex technical issues into practical business applications.