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Unlocking the Future with Mainframe Modernisation:
An ISG Thought Leadership Paper

Key Considerations for Modernizing Mainframes to Improve IT Services in Support of Business Success – this ISG thought leadership paper on Mainframe Modernisation commissioned by LzLabs is a roadmap for leaders looking to navigate the complexities of updating legacy systems in alignment with today’s business imperatives.
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Discover the Imperatives of Mainframe Modernisation

This study and thought leadership paper, informed by insights from over 160 mainframe custodians, shed light on the strategic necessities and benefits of transitioning away from legacy mainframe systems. It provides a detailed exploration into:

  • The Costs: Unveiling the overlooked financial burdens and operational inefficiencies tied to maintaining legacy systems.
  • Modern Migration Challenges: Addressing the hurdles of complexity, dwindling expertise, and the evolving dynamics of cloud migration.
  • Strategic Incremental Approaches: Highlighting successful incremental strategies for cloud adoption, including nuanced perspectives on rehosting tactics.

Why Download This Paper?

By accessing this pivotal study, you gain exclusive insights into how modernisation can redefine your business landscape by:

  • Mitigating risks associated with legacy systems
  • Reducing unnecessary operational costs
  • Sharpening your competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market
  • Enhancing technical agility

Begin Your Transformation Journey

Empower your decision-making process with invaluable insights and expert recommendations tailored for forward-thinking enterprises. Transform your legacy systems into powerful assets that propel your business towards growth and innovation.

Download the full ISG thought leadership paper today and step confidently into the future of business technology.