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LzLabs Announces ARM® Support in a Growing Commitment to Evolving Cloud Deployment Architectures

LzLabs announces LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® (LzSDM®) version 3

Zurich, 2 February 2021 – LzLabs today announced, with its latest version release, that mainframe IT users can migrate their legacy applications to a variety of cloud infrastructures with LzSDM on Linux. Migration to LzSDM does not require any program recompilation or data changes.

LzSDM version 3 not only operates on multiple processor architectures, including Intel x86 and ARM systems, but also represents the building block for future cloud deployments. LzSDM with Linux enables original legacy mainframe application programs to operate in native hardware mode, regardless of the underlying hardware system implemented in the cloud or on premise.

The wide range of platform choices enhances LzLabs’s commitment to high performance computing for applications, including legacy databases and transaction processing systems.

LzLabs CEO, Thilo Rockmann, said: “LzSDM is the only enterprise software product which enables legacy mainframe applications to run on multiple hardware platforms without recompilation or data changes. With this release of LzSDM we are increasing our commitment to cloud deployment choices.

“Whether companies use x86 on premise or in the cloud, we expect ARM to have a growing impact on the enterprise market. LzLabs has run LzSDM internally on a variety of platforms, including x86, ARM and Power, for the past few years in anticipation of this market evolution.”

LzLabs Executive Chairman, Mark Cresswell, added “LzSDM was designed to run on Linux and other common hardware platforms enterprise users require. ARM has attracted significant awareness in the enterprise sector because of its high computing power and low power consumption.

“Enterprise customers do not want to be locked into any hardware architecture again. LzSDM could only have been developed in an open software era, which leverages significant software development specifically designed to overcome vendor lock-in.”

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