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LzLabs and CWS join forces to re-host legacy customer applications

LzLabs addresses CWS customer demand for IT innovation and cost reduction by re-hosting applications on open Linux server and Cloud platforms

Zurich, 18 July 2017 – LzLabs today announced that it has formed a collaboration with CWS Srl, the leading Italian systems integrator and specialist in mainframe systems, to deliver the LzLabs Software-Defined Mainframe® (SDM). The technology solution will enable CWS customers to re-host legacy mainframe applications and data on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and in the Cloud through Microsoft Azure.

Supporting the sales of SDM to its customer base in Italy, CWS will assist organisations with the full range of services required to re-host mainframe applications on the new LzLabs architecture, including platform modernisation services, architecture support and application delivery.

With approximately 30 per cent of CWS’s workforce focused on the management of mainframe systems, the collaboration will enable a new method of application delivery for its significant customer base. It will enable CWS to meet growing demand for the integration of modern technologies on the mainframe – such as DevOps and database solutions – along with significant cost reduction in both software and hardware licencing.

The LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® is designed to support major legacy applications and languages so that customers can escape the high recurring cost of mainframe software and hardware-while preserving their enormous investment in legacy applications, data and business processes.

“Our customer base has shown increasing demand for the integration of new products and solutions on their mainframe systems”, said Luca Passini, CEO CWS Srl, “historically, this type of innovation has required expensive plug-ins or a complete re-work of the applications themselves, which is increasingly difficult due to a diminishing skills pool. With the Software Defined Mainframe, our customers will be able to modernize their architecture at a fraction of the cost, whilst preserving functionality and enabling more straightforward integration of innovative technologies. SDM is a solution that replaces the legacy Mainframe Platform with a more modern and integrated solution, supporting business processes and enabling innovation. We expect this to be a very attractive prospect for customers of all sizes.”

“We’re excited to welcome CWS to our partner network”, said Thilo Rockmann, Chairman and COO, LzLabs, “our partners across Europe continue to see significant demand for the re-hosting of mainframe applications in more flexible environments, and the Software Define Mainframe is driving a new era of efficiency and openness. Customers are gaining an awareness of the significant cost saving opportunities, not to mention the innovation and skills benefits that come with modernising their systems in this way. There is significant potential in the Italian market, and we look forward to working with CWS to bring legacy mainframe systems into the modern era.”

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