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LzLabs signs agreement with Capgemini’s Business Unit Spain to drive mainframe application modernization for clients

Systems integration agreement supports the customer journey from mainframe to open systems and the cloud

Zurich, 19 March 2020 – LzLabs today announced that it has signed an agreement with Capgemini’s Business Unit Spain, part of the Capgemini Group, a global leader in consulting, consulting services and digital transformation, to support its customers in their implementation of LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® (LzSDM®).
As part of the agreement, Capgemini’s Business Unit Spain will provide technical systems integration services on joint projects with LzLabs to support customers throughout their mainframe migration journey to the cloud. Their services will support qualification and assessment, through to discovery and, ultimately, taking customers into production on LzSDM.

Many of the world’s largest enterprises have struggled to incorporate legacy mainframe applications and data into their “cloud-first” initiatives. One aim of this agreement is to help customers become cloud-enabled at their core. Using LzSDM, customers now have the option to migrate applications, without recompilation or data reformatting, to architectures such as the Capgemini Cloud Platform.

Once migrated to LzSDM, customers gain the agility benefits of managing their legacy mainframe applications using modern DevOps orchestration tools. Enterprises also benefit from LzSDM’s unique ability to allow mainframe and rehosted applications on Open Systems to co-exist and interoperate. In addition, incremental application modernization opportunities and integrated compilation options within LzSDM enable tangible acceleration of application maintenance as well as re-write initiatives.

LzLabs and Capgemini have a number of joint LzSDM engagements currently in progress. As the latest LzLabs global strategic partner, Capgemini joins a growing number of global systems integrators in collaborating with LzLabs to deliver open innovation for organizations reliant on applications currently residing on mainframes.

“We are excited to partner with global leaders in systems integration such as Capgemini, who are truly aligned in supporting our mission to help customers become cloud-enabled at their core.” Said Mark Cresswell, CEO, LzLabs. “We already have a number of joint projects in progress and are delighted to be able to offer customers the unparalleled level of expertise that Capgemini is renowned for”, he continued.

“This partnership will be very useful for our clients, who demand the best solutions to be able to move to into a new agile world. Lzlabs and Capgemini have a great opportunity to offer the best solution in efficiency and agility in a world moving to the cloud”, said Jesús Garrán, COO of the Spain Business Unit, Capgemini.

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