A guide to making mainframe applications cloud native

Discover how mainframe applications can now take full advantage of the innovative power of cloud

The Cloud seems stubbornly out of reach for applications that run on mainframes. Big technology players continue to contribute software infrastructure to the cloud, dramatically enhancing opportunities for agility, scalability, micro services and security.

Yet, mainframe applications remain isolated from this architecture.

With the right deployment approach, that need no longer be the case. Read this white paper to learn how mainframe applications can now gain all the characteristics of a cloud-native portfolio, including:

  • DevOps – integrate and deploy applications continuously and autonomously.
  • Service Architecture – break applications down into smaller components, significantly reducing management overheads.
  • Containerization – remove decades-old ties between mainframe applications and hardware, and benefit from a range of modern deployment options in containers.
  • API-driven – open up critical applications and data to new services, both internally to drive innovation, and externally to develop new revenue streams.
  • Horizontal Scaling – scale mainframe applications up and down on demand to support workload spikes, without incurring massive fees.

In this guide to making mainframe applications cloud-native, we outline the opportunities available to organizations when they rehost mainframe applications on Linux, and how our technology can enable this for your business

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