The Mainframe Migration Project – a cultural change as much as a technical one

Guest white paper by Markus Tschumper, Head of General IT Services, Swisscom

When embarking on a mainframe migration project, organizations often focus on the technical challenges likely to arise during the course of such a transformational move. However, with a competent migration partner and diligent discovery process, the technical hurdles are more easily overcome.

Organizations would be better-served focusing on the cultural change requirements of such a move. Focusing on the migration approach of your team, and key leading members of it, typically requires more management time but greatly increases your chance of success.

Round table Q&A.

Markus Tschumper, Head of General IT Services at Swisscom, speaks to LzLabs’ Dale Vecchio, Thilo Rockmann and Mark Cresswell about the company’s mainframe migration to the cloud. In this expanded discussion, learn more about the opportunities created for Swisscom, following the world’s first migration of an entire mainframe workload to the cloud, without recompilation or data changes.

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