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Webinar: Choose your modernisation path. It's time.

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The demand for solutions

Verena Bierig

00:06:00 - 00:15:30

The hitchhiker’s guide to legacy modernisation

Thilo Rockmann

00:15:30 - 00:33:50

LzLabs 2.0: Assessing together the path forward

Tobias Braun

00:33:50 - 00:46:00


Meet the Speakers

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Tobias Braun

Head of Consulting

With over 10 years of history in mainframe workload modernisation at IBM, PKS and LzLabs, Tobias combines a broad technical know-how with strategic thinking and thus realises modernisation strategies together with companies across all industries.


Verena Bierig

Account Manager

Verena joined LzLabs in 2019 and has played a pivotal role in expanding our commercial outreach across Europe and consolidating our account management practice. Clients benefit from Verena’s profound interest in technology innovation and business development skills, which have positioned her as a strategic advisor to organisations that elevate their IT as a source of competitive advantage.

Thilo Rockmann

Thilo Rockmann

Chief Executive Officer

Thilo Rockmann is a veteran of the IT industry and CEO of LzLabs. He and the accomplished technical experts at LzLabs are uniquely positioned to help organisations with the complex undertaking of migrating mainframe workloads to the cloud.
Thilo can talk at the strategic business, project delivery and operations level about his experience of bringing highly complex applications portfolios to the cloud, with our pioneering solution, the Software Defined Mainframe®.