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Webinar: Wait vs Innovate? The Irresistible Business Case for Mainframe Migration

Broadcasted on May 29th, 2024


Join us for “Wait or Innovate?”, an enlightening session that offers a deep dive into the strategic decisions that drive successful technological evolution.

In this instalment, we delve into the compelling business cases that spell out ‘why’, ‘when’, and ‘how’ to modernise. Tackling the dynamic of value creation head-on, our experts will reveal how embracing cutting-edge solutions transposes into tangible business outcomes.

What we will explore:

– The risks of standing still: Assessing the long-term implications of postponing modernisation.

– Innovation as a catalyst for growth: Harnessing new technologies to propel your organisation ahead of the curve.

– Crafting Your business case: Critical steps when articulating the value modernisation brings to your enterprise.

– Financial insights: A CFO’s perspective on investment, cost savings, and the economic impact of modernisation.

With years of industry expertise and visionary zeal, our C-suite specialists Christopher and Andy will navigate through the intricate choices between inertia and innovation. Their astute insights will lay the groundwork for a robust discussion on the operational and financial imperatives of mainframe modernisation.


Meet the Speakers

Christopher Jarke GAB20231212 A 2153

Christopher Jarke

CFO & COO at LzLabs
Andrew Askew

Andy Askew

CRO at LzLabs