The Role of Women in Tech: Observations and Three Recommendations

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Starting in 2018 with founder Ayumi Moore Aoki’s mission to promote girls’ and women’s empowerment around the world, WIT has become the world’s leading organisation for Inclusion, Diversity & Equity in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). It’s more than an organisation, though. It’s a Call to Action in line with item 5.b of […]

Three Ways to Improve Prospects for Women in Tech

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But the summit in Paris inspired a lot of hope: using modern ways of thinking, exploring new strategies and having different conversations with girls and young women, we can, I believe, build more diverse, robust and successful workforces and spaces together.   WiT Global was an exhilarating showcase of what can be achieved in diverse […]

Functionality Testing: 5 Critical Success Factors

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In this blog post, we will share one of the most often overlooked elements of a successful migration from the mainframe to your preferred platform or tool of choice: testing! Why is faster testing so important for mainframe migration? Ask anyone who knows about application and data migration and they will tell you – good […]

Modernisation Calls for Business and Technology Champions

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One area where we are seeing informed and bold leadership is in modernising and future proofing critical systems, which shows a more enlightened perspective on driving shareholder value. Taking the decision to modernise last-century mainframes and navigate the organisation to a safe landing zone needs courage, integrity and determination. Collaborating honestly and openly to envision […]

New Whitepaper: Is the Mainframe Your Innovation Platform?

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Whitepaper: Is the Mainframe Your Innovation Platform? Moving off the mainframe is not an easy undertaking. While there are good reasons to keep some applications and data where they are, strong business drivers call for legacy modernisation and transformation today.  Download our whitepaper to learn more about the approach that minimises the uncertainty of mainframe […]

Let Your Mainframe Breathe

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The longer you leave it, the worse it gets. While countless legacy environments and applications persist despite inherent impediments, organisations that rely on mainframes for their business today must upcycle their application and data landscape for the challenges ahead – and we understand that’s not an easy transformation. For companies worldwide, mainframe applications continue to […]

Mainframe modernisation brings IT and Business together in shared value generation  

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A failure to understand the business value of technology transformation is an underlying impediment to very necessary change. Many organisations are reluctant to replace their ageing mainframe applications for fear of business disruption or finding the right replacement platform or technology or partner. But if they understood the value that modernisation would unlock, they may […]

Organising governance for a successful Mainframe modernisation

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But after two decades of businesses kicking the can down the road, Risk Officers are giving modernisation programmes the green light as head-in-the-sand strategies hit a wall. Quite simply, the risk of doing nothing is too great, exacerbated by a dwindling pool of mainframe skills, which threatens the business’s very survival. Organisations are finally engaging […]

Digital Transformation is more than a plumbing project

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The market for digital transformation has grown from just under a billion dollars in 2017 to over 2 billion in 2023 and is predicted to continue growing to 3.4 billion by 2026. Yet nearly 70% of digital transformation projects are estimated to fail today. Here are five key lessons that can help organisations lead digital […]

LzLabs featured in Sunday Times “Cloud for Business” report 

Mainframe Modernization Survey 2021

Modernising the legacy application landscape should not necessarily involve complete replacement. In fact, many aspects of an organisation’s technology architecture are there for good reason and remain critical to core processes. On the other hand, parts of an IT infrastructure might not be as adaptable to current demands and shifting business objectives.  Rather than looking […]

Business risks that make mainframe modernisation an imperative

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Tales of business application failure in the wake of departing mainframe personnel are legion – and are ringing alarm bells all the way to the board. Outages to billing, payroll, core banking and policy admin and other critical services are routinely caused by the great retirement skills void. The US airline that entrusted its core […]