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Mainframe Modernisation: Wait or Innovate?

Customer expectations and related technology evolution are evolving at breakneck speed these days. Businesses face a pivotal decision: Should they innovate now or wait?

This was the burning question that LzLabs aimed to answer in our webinar, “Innovate vs. Wait—The Irresistible Business Case for Mainframe Migration.” The discussion featured two of our LzLabs top executives, Christopher Jarke (COO and CFO) and Andy Askew (CRO), who provided a wealth of insights into the business case for modernisation. The session attracted an impressive virtual audience, eager to learn from two seasoned experts.

The Hidden Costs of Inaction

Christopher kicked off the discussion by addressing a common yet often overlooked pitfall: the cost of standing still. “Many organisations underestimate the long-term implications of postponing modernisation,” he warned. He elaborated on the concept of technical debt—where outdated systems incur ongoing maintenance costs, making it harder for companies to innovate quickly. This debt, he argued, can become a substantial financial burden over time, hindering competitive edge and market responsiveness.

Growth Engine Innovation

Next, Andy took the virtual podium to discuss how innovation can serve as a catalyst for growth. Using compelling real-world examples, he illustrated how companies can leverage modern technologies to optimise operations and unlock new revenue streams. “Innovation isn’t just about adopting new technologies,” he said, “it’s about reimagining how these technologies can create value.”

One of the standout moments was Andy’s deep dive into how cloud solutions and open-source platforms have revolutionised business models, offering flexibility and scalability that legacy systems simply can’t match.

Building a Watertight Business Case

Perhaps one of the most practical takeaways from the webinar was Christopher’s guide on constructing a convincing business case for modernisation. He walked attendees through a systematic approach to identify key performance indicators (KPIs), estimate return on investment (ROI), and align modernisation initiatives with broader organisational goals. “A compelling business case is essential to gain buy-in from stakeholders,” he advised, offering tips on how to quantify both the tangible and intangible benefits of modernisation.

Andy concluded the session by sharing his unique perspective as a CFO. “Viewing IT investments purely as costs misses the bigger picture,” he said, urging attendees to see modernisation as a strategic enabler. His segment included data-driven insights into the long-term economic impacts of modernised IT infrastructures, highlighting cost efficiencies and improved business agility.

Why This Matters

As companies grapple with whether to invest in modernisation, the insights from our webinar couldn’t be timelier. The session underscored the urgent need for businesses to shed outdated systems and embrace innovative technologies to stay competitive.

If you missed the live webinar, the good news is that the session is available for replay. Here are a few reasons to tune in:

  1. Expert Analysis: Gain insights directly from LzLabs’ top executives who have navigated the complexities of modernisation.
  2. Practical Advice: Learn how to build a strong business case that convinces stakeholders of the need for modernisation.
  3. Financial Strategies: Understand the economic benefits from a seasoned CFO’s perspective.
  4. Innovation Inspiration: Discover how top companies are leveraging new technologies to drive growth and efficiency.

Click here to access the replay of “Wait or Innovate? The Irresistible Business Case for Mainframe Modernisation”.


Wait or Innovate? The Irresistible Business Case for Mainframe Modernisation
Join us for “Wait or Innovate?”, an enlightening session that offers a deep dive into the strategic decisions that drive successful technological evolution. In this instalment, we delve into the compelling business cases that spell out ‘why’, ‘when’, and ‘how’ to modernise. Tackling the dynamic of value creation head-on, our experts will reveal how embracing cutting-edge solutions transposes into tangible business outcomes. What we will explore:- The risks of standing still: Assessing the long-term implications of postponing modernisation.- Innovation as a catalyst for growth: Harnessing new technologies to propel your organisation ahead of the curve.- Crafting Your business case: Critical steps when articulating the value modernisation brings to your enterprise.- Financial insights: A CFO’s perspective on investment, cost savings, and the economic impact of modernisation. With years of industry expertise and visionary zeal, our C-suite specialists Christopher and Andy will navigate through the intricate choices between inertia and innovation. Their astute insights will lay the groundwork for a robust discussion on the operational and financial imperatives of mainframe modernisation.
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What’s Next?

The journey doesn’t end here. LzLabs’ next webinar will feature our VP of Transformation, Aidan Cahill, and VP of Global Sales, John Paul Duignan, who will dive deeper into practical case studies showcasing successful transformations. Subscribe to LzLabs’ newsletter to stay updated.

LzLabs remains committed to transforming business operations through relentless innovation and a deep-seated passion for technology. As we navigate these complexities together, one thing is clear: the future waits for no one. It’s time to decide—will you keep waiting or start your innovation journey?


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