LzLabs featured in Sunday Times “Cloud for Business” report 

Legacy modernisation: there is no silver bullet! 

Sunday Times, the largest in Britain’s quality newspaper by circulation, interviewed LzLabs’ CEO Thilo Rockmann for the March 2023 Cloud for Business report.  

Modernising the legacy application landscape should not necessarily involve complete replacement. In fact, many aspects of an organisation’s technology architecture are there for good reason and remain critical to core processes. On the other hand, parts of an IT infrastructure might not be as adaptable to current demands and shifting business objectives. 

Rather than looking for a silver bullet to solve these issues simultaneously, a nuanced approach is necessary. Companies that carefully undertake legacy modernisation, while retaining essential parts of their IT infrastructure and placing them in modern environments, position themselves well for long-term success. 

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The full report from Raconteur is also available to be read at your convenience.

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