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Looking for inspiration for your mainframe migration project – be it in the planning phase or when encountering issues during the project? Our live and recorded webinars can be a resource for you! Here’s a quick summary of what we have covered in 2023 so far.  

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Our webinars deliver pragmatic advice and real use cases that can help you accelerate your mainframe transformation projects. Join the lively discussions!  


Demystifying mainframe migration security

Are you preparing to embark on a mainframe migration journey but find yourself confronted by a labyrinth of security concerns? We invite you to join us for a webinar tailored to guide you through the complexity and opportunities of managing security during and after your mainframe migration.

Throughout this webinar, we will shed a light on:

🔒 Crucial security considerations unique to mainframe migration.

🛡️ Optimal practices for safeguarding your data and applications.

💡 Proven techniques for mitigating risks and vulnerabilities.

👥 Expert guidance on securing the endorsement of key stakeholders.

Don’t miss the opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence required to navigate the security challenges inherent to your mainframe migration project!


  • The step-by-step approach to mainframe migration
  • Expert discussion: The most frequently asked questions about security during and after the mainframe migration
  • Your questions answered

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How to apply the 7Rs of modernisation for successful mainframe transformation 

For organisations with complex legacy systems, modernisation is an ongoing effort. Previous attempts often fell short in value delivery and addressing dependencies. 

With a shortage of experienced developers and waning institutional knowledge, action must be taken promptly for business success. Climbing the cloudy modernisation summit is crucial to avoid technical debt risks and outages. Proven combinations of the ‘7 Rs’ of modernisation can help address intertwined core systems. 

In this session, LzLabs experts will discuss real-world cases from quick wins to successful complex transformations.  


  • The reality of mainframe modernisation 
  • Successful transformation approach 
  • Concrete examples and use cases

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Have you burnt a lot of money on assessments? Here is why you should consider doing one more. 

“The expected outcome of an assessment is to gain insights, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make informed choices based on the gathered information.” (ChatGPT) 

The Mainframe Modernisation Assessment approach by LzLabs and Accenture goes far beyond that definition. In this webinar, we will share why we believe that assessments deliver value, taking real customer case studies as examples. We will also elaborate on how Accenture and LzLabs collaborate with you to create the end-to-end plan for your mainframe workload modernisation. This Mainframe Modernization Assessment is unlike others. We tell you why and discuss how it applies to you. 

Join our experts and dive deeper into the next step for your successful mainframe transformation and migration project. 


  • Snapshot of the Mainframe Modernization and Transformation Market 
  • State of Mainframe Assessments 
  • Customer Case Studies 
  • How you can benefit from the Mainframe Modernization Assessment by LzLabs and Accenture 

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The new LzLabs Integration Platform. Accelerate your mainframe migration 

How can you gradually migrate applications and data off the mainframe while seamlessly bridging and connecting legacy environments to the modern world? 

What’s the step-by-step approach that delivers ROI along the way? And what if you’re facing severe roadblocks in the middle of your migration project? 

We will share the latest findings on why and how customers move off the mainframe and introduce an innovative, comprehensive, and already proven approach to accelerating mainframe migration to the modern world. 


  • Is the mainframe your platform of innovation? What we heard from customers 
  • Introducing the new LzLabs Integration Platform 

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Reduce the existential risk of legacy transformation 

This subject has often been approached from the perspective of what makes legacy transformation projects fail. 

We have identified methodologies that increase the chances of success of what is undeniably a highly complex undertaking. We will explore how to frame the business transformation, align visions and stakeholders, and outline the economic case. We will dive deeper into the essential elements of successful modernisation projects. And we will walk you through real-life examples from our customers. Join LzLabs’ Tobias Braun, JP Duignan and Nick Hampson for this interactive conversation. 


  • The Business Case for legacy transformation 
  • What makes projects succeed 

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Looking forward to seeing you online!  

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