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LzLabs Migrates Mainframe to Linux and the Cloud

Swiss LzLabs is working on a new platform that allows companies and governments to move their mainframe applications and data to x86 Linux and cloud platforms. This solution allows the COBOL and PL/1 code to not be rewritten or recompiled. LzLabs uses a specially designed software container with newly developed tools that provide the tasks of several mainframe subsystems, such as JBL, TP monitors, and databases. The COBOL applications can be transferred to a Linux or cloud environment, while “thinking” they are running on the original mainframe platform.

LzLabs, founded in 2011 in Zurich, presented the beta version of the product this week at ICT trade fair CeBIT. The company’s product defines itself as a “software defined mainframe” and it cooperates with Red Hat (Enterprise Linux). For the cloud solution, LzLabs has a partnership with Microsoft (Azure).

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