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LzLabs Presents the World’s First Software Defined Mainframe (Infomercados)

LzLabs today presents the first Software Defined Mainframe, a technological solution that will allow customers to move their traditional applications and data from the mainframe to Linux servers and cloud platforms. The LzLabs solution will support major languages ​​and traditional operating environments, so that customers can free themselves from the high recurring costs of mainframe software and hardware, while preserving the important investments in traditional applications, data, and processes.

“The evolution of the platforms of alternative hardware, x86 in particular, has shown that increasing volume of traditional mainframe workloads can run successfully in these environments,” says Gartner analyst Dale Vecchio, in How the mainframe will survive? (July 2015). “Many of the organizations that use mainframes are at the same time evaluating their application portfolio in an attempt to find workloads that can be moved to lower cost platforms, thus reducing consumption or, at least, MIPS growth on the mainframe,” said Dale Vecchio and Mike Chuba from Gartner, in How to reduce the cost of IBM mainframe computing (September 2015).

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