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LzLabs Unveils World’s First Software Defined Mainframe (CloudWorks)

LzLabs announced the world’s first Software Defined Mainframe. This solution will enable organizations to seamlessly convert their legacy mainframe applications and data to Linux servers and cloud platforms.

“The development of alternative hardware platforms, notably the x86, proves that more and more extensive mainframe workloads can successfully work in modern environments,” Dale Vecchio, Gartner writes in the article How Will the Mainframe Survive? (July 2015). “Many organizations that use mainframes, evaluate their applications to determine which workloads they can transfer to cost effective platforms so that they can reduce the use or at least the growth of the mainframe MIPS (million instructions per second),” said Dale Vecchio and Mike Chuba Gartner in the article How to Reduce the Cost of IBM Mainframe Computing (September 2015).

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