BPER Banca moves core banking applications to Software Defined Mainframe

In an increasingly competitive market, traditional banks find themselves constrained by legacy IT architecture.

  • Tech-savvy customers demand better digital experiences.
  • Disruptive new competitors, without extensive legacy applications, can immediately benefit from technological developments and drive innovation quicker.
  • Institutional knowledge of core applications is retiring, and traditional banks must access a diminishing skills pool to manage legacy systems.

BPER Banca, one of Italy’s leading banks, set itself the goal of being able to react more swiftly to market demands. An essential element required to reach the objective is to test different versions of applications extensively and in parallel. The compatibility of LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® (LzSDM®) allows for simultaneous testing of application enhancements without significantly increasing costs.

In addition, services are no longer run on the mainframe only, but also on LzSDM, thus creating additional scaling options. The bank’s IT department is on an incremental, low-risk journey for modernization of its legacy applications.

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