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Big data analytics

Set your most valuable data free. By moving your mainframe data to our relational database on Postgres, you benefit from continuous database queries and unlimited analytics. This means you can understand more about your customers, faster.
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Our approach.

Unlimited queries means better customer insights

Once-per-day queries become a thing of the past. With your mainframe data moved to a modern database platform based on Postgres, you can analyze your data continuously – at no extra cost. This helps you make decisions that positively alter the course of your business.

Integrate mainframe data with modern analytics tooling

With your most critical data now residing within Postgres tables, you can access it with the analytics platform of your choice via LzRelational, our database implementation product.

Whether you are using open systems tools like Hadoop, Splunk or Kafka, or are looking to feed mainframe data into a data lake for greater visibility, this is now achievable at scale, putting your insights ahead of the competition.

No data changes, full compliance

Don’t risk changing data formats during migration. Our technology lets you move your data from mainframe to Postgres totally unchanged.

This makes migration much smoother and means your migrated data can be managed by your database administrators like any other format. Your data remains compliant whilst being made available to a world of new possibilities.

Software and experts you can trust.

Our software helps you to unlock the embedded value in mainframe applications and data. And our trusted partners ensure a smooth migration onto our SDM platform. We have decades of combined mainframe and Linux experience. And there isn’t a mainframe technology or customer need we haven’t encountered or factored in. Get in touch to discover how we can help your organization achieve its modernization goals.

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Our solution.

Unlock with minimal risk. Transform your most valuable assets, piece by piece. Accelerate your IT and deliver what your business needs, when it needs it.

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