DevOps & Process Optimization

Streamlining DevOps, testing and other processes alongside the mainframe migration project created multiple benefits for this banking customer.

Streamlined DevOps and Mainframe Transformation

Our large banking client is looking to modernise their development and operations approach. They faced a challenge with a group of decentralised applications developed using DevOps principles. The complication arose when these applications needed to work smoothly with Mainframe-based applications.

The Challenge

The main problem was setting up an integration testing environment on the mainframe that would allow for accurate testing of data and application interactions. The client’s objectives were clear: to remove this bottleneck, reduce development time, and provide their development team with specialised testing and development spaces called “development sandboxes”, which were unavailable on the mainframe.

Regardless of the specific challenges, the client needed to integrate existing DevOps tools and seamlessly incorporate new tools into their established workflow.

The Solution

Our solution addressed these challenges efficiently:

We devised an automated Ansible-based framework that could quickly deploy Software Defined Mainframe® (SDM) integration test environments on demand. This framework eliminated the bottleneck associated with mainframe integration, offering dedicated integration test settings for decentralised applications.

Additionally, we empowered developers to instantly debug and validate code changes on the SDM, which acted as a readily accessible development sandbox.

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The Summary

In conclusion, our client’s journey towards streamlining DevOps and mainframe transformation resulted in significant benefits. Thanks to our Native Linux foundation, it seamlessly integrated into the client’s existing DevOps ecosystem.

Ultimately, by modernising mainframe development operations through the LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe®, our client made a crucial step towards improving operational efficiency.


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