Reduce the Cost of Audit Compliance

How can I transfer large amounts of static data from the mainframe to a modern environment without losing information and save significant storage costs?

Rehosting in the insurance industry

Our featured customer, an insurance company, faced a not-so-unique challenge: the need to reduce the excessive costs associated with storing heritage contracts. These contracts, residing in tape archives and DB2 databases on their mainframes, were no longer subject to modifications. They were retained for audit and reference purposes.

The Challenge

The primary issue at hand was the substantial expenses incurred in storing these contracts, along with the software solutions, such as virtual tape systems, required to support them. Our client was searching for a solution to migrate this critical data to a more cost-effective storage platform without compromising essential details or disrupting the data structure.

Furthermore, our client had to ensure seamless access to both these legacy contracts and the newer, modifiable contracts, all within their existing Mainframe environment.

The Solution

To address these challenges, our team devised a tailored solution:

We initiated the migration process by transferring specific DB2 data and tape archives to the x86 World, leveraging our advanced LzLabs Integration Platform toolset. For DB2 data, we implemented a method that allowed for a smooth transition, ensuring data integrity and security throughout the process. Simultaneously, we devised an efficient storage solution for the tape data that significantly reduced costs.

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The Summary

In conclusion, our solution enabled our client to substantially reduce the costs associated with maintaining legacy contracts. Moreover, our client could confidently guarantee that the data remained secure and unaltered during the migration process. This success story showcases our ability to balance cost savings and data integrity, ensuring that crucial information remains secure and reliable within the evolving IT landscape.

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