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Faster testing

Using LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe (SDM) means you can improve your testing. New and existing applications can be tested continuously and deployed into any environment you choose. You are enabled to rapidly deploy new products and services and significantly improve your time to market.

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Our approach.

Supercharge availability

With our unique approach, SDM instances can be spun up as test environments on-demand and in parallel. This means your applications can be tested instantly and deployed continuously, significantly improving your time to market.

Learn how BPER, one of Italy’s leading banks, achieved testing agility with SDM.

Reduce application changes, improve success

Thousands of test cases can run simultaneously, and you have assurance of compatibility and performance.

Once deployed, test cases can be replicated to an unlimited extent. This makes automated comparisons easy, and means your teams spend less time testing and more time driving innovation.

Full automation, total consistency

SDM means your test cycles can be managed using DevOps toolchains, removing the need for manual intervention. New applications can be tested and deployed at pace guaranteeing faster deployment and complete consistency.

Software and experts you can trust.

Our software helps you to unlock the embedded value in mainframe applications and data. And our trusted partners ensure a smooth migration onto our SDM platform. We have decades of combined mainframe and Linux experience. And there isn’t a mainframe technology or customer need we haven’t encountered or factored in. Get in touch to discover how we can help your organization achieve its modernization goals.

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Our solution.

Unlock with minimal risk. Transform your most valuable assets, piece by piece. Accelerate your IT and deliver what your business needs, when it needs it.

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