Platform independency

LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe (SDM) gives you the freedom to move mainframe applications and data fluidly across platforms. With no need to make changes to your applications or data, you can run your core assets on any environment you choose. You can even leave assets on the mainframe while you migrate. Finally, you can unlock new testing and development possibilities, language modernisation or agility and bring your mainframe applications and teams to a sustainable environment that is fit for the future.

open source libraries

Standardize your processes.

Using SDM means you can now use open-source tooling and processes as standard. Run your applications on a modern Linux or cloud infrastructure, meaning better team collaboration, speed and efficiency. 

  • Use open-source libraries for quality control and minimal restrictions.
  • Take advantage of greater automation, using tools for continuous integration and development. Let your development infrastructure drive your business initiatives.
  • Sustain the highest levels of security using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Software and experts you can trust.

Our software helps you to unlock the embedded value in mainframe applications and data. And our trusted partners ensure a smooth migration onto our SDM platform. We have decades of combined mainframe and Linux experience. And there isn’t a mainframe technology or customer need we haven’t encountered or factored in. Get in touch to discover how we can help your organization achieve its modernization goals.

Our solution

Unlock with minimal risk. Transform your most valuable assets, piece by piece. Accelerate your IT and deliver what your business needs, when it needs it.

More Use Cases.

  • Reduce risk with rehosting

    Run mainframe applications and data on your platform of choice, without recompilation or data reformatting

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  • Application modernization

    Transform your assets to new architectures and languages in the blink of an eye, meaning business changes can happen faster

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  • Platform independency

    With no need to make changes to your applications or data, you can run your core assets on any environment you choose

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  • On-demand scalability

    All businesses have peak periods, and IT should be an enabler that helps react to customer demand

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  • Big data analytics

    By moving your mainframe data to our relational database on Postgres, you benefit from continuous database queries and unlimited analytics

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  • Faster testing

    New and existing applications can be tested continuously and deployed into any environment you choose

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  • Process innovation

    Imagine how fast you could manage mainframe applications if you had access to the full range of tools found in modern development pipelines

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