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You have invested a lot of time, knowledge, and money in mainframe applications. It’s time to set that embedded value free. LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® (SDM) is the only solution that uses an incremental approach to migrate your mainframe assets to modern platforms.

The result? Faster development and testing, reduced risk and business disruption, freed up funds for innovation, and agile technology that ensures your business is future-ready.

How we solve your transformation problem.

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    Organizations want to unlock the value in their mainframe applications and data by moving to modern platforms.

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    But migration can be complex and risky, because relocating or changing one element can disrupt the whole system.

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    This means projects often grind to a halt or are abandoned.

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    With LzLabs SDM, you can migrate mainframe assets piece by piece, with minimal risk, and run them on a platform of your choice. Here, you can enhance them further to grow your business and drive innovation.

The safer, simpler way to innovate.

Take full advantage of your mainframe technology. With SDM, you can liberate your applications and data from mainframe siloes, run them on your platform of choice, and transform at a pace that meets your business demands.

  • Unlock
  • Transform
  • Accelerate

01 Unlock.

Pick and choose which mainframe applications to migrate to new environments of your choice with no need to recompile, transcode, or rewrite. By thinking big and starting small you can unlock the value in your applications and lay the foundations for future transformation.

Other applications can continue running on the mainframe, minimizing business disruption and reducing the moving parts. This approach delivers the lowest-risk migration option on the market.

  • Speed up your migration from mainframe to modern systems, in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Reduce migration risk through binary rehosting and incremental migration.
  • Enact meaningful change with zero disruption from day one.

02 Transform.

Embrace the flexibility to transform and modernize faster and more efficiently. You can decide what to change in your applications rather than having to go back to square one. 

Take back control of your transformation journey by using open-source tools now at your disposal to operate, monitor, and manage applications.

  • Modernize whichever applications you want to change.
  • Apply the power and agility of modern development tooling to maintain mainframe applications efficiently, in environments familiar to developers.
  • Test and deploy new applications rapidly – improving time to market.

03 Accelerate.

Leverage the freedom to deliver functionality at the pace your business needs and scale applications and workloads as required. Remain agile and pull ahead of your competition.

Using the SDM means your mainframe applications are now ready to drive business transformation and deliver on the needs of your customers.

  • Leverage real-time data on demand to instantly respond to market demand.
  • Transform applications to new languages and architectures, piece by piece.

Join the club.

Forward-thinking global businesses are working with us to deliver transformational change for their customers:

Omar Campara

We chose SDM as it is the only platform that could support the incremental migration of our applications to a modern platform, while meeting our requirements for testing, controlling IT costs and, ultimately, accelerating time to market in our application portfolio. Our core banking applications can now be gradually moved to a platform for innovation that will better serve the future needs of our business.”

Omar Campana, Group Chief Information Officer, BPER Banca

Case Study:

Swisscom migrates entire mainframe workload to the cloud

Working with LzLabs, Swisscom migrated its entire mainframe application workload and data to a cloud infrastructure running the LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe® (SDM).

Swisscom sought to:

  • Reduce IT costs
  • Minimise the risk of a declining mainframe skills pool
  • Position itself for innovation in the communications industry
  • 70%

    saving on annual recurring core software license

  • 60%

    cost reduction compared to previous mainframe costs

  • 20TB

    active mainframe storage moved

Choose the right partner for you.

Our implementation partners work directly with you to preserve the investment and knowledge that is at the heart of your business. For us, it is about the right relationships, skills and accreditations that ensures we’re on the journey together.

  • sopra-steria
  • T-Systems

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