Transferring business-critical workloads to the cloud.

A global automotive manufacturer with a long-standing tradition is migrating its processes and applications step by step from its legacy mainframe to the cloud-based LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe®.


  • Mainframe Capping: A global automotive manufacturer faced challenges due to resource-hungry applications straining their legacy mainframe system.
  • Slow Application Response: Delays in application responses were affecting their sales and customer service, resulting in dissatisfied customers. 
  • Insufficient Scalability: The existing mainframe system lacked the scalability required to keep up with the evolving automotive industry demands. 


  • Modernisation with LzLabs: The company embarked on a journey to modernise its critical processes and applications using LzLabs’ Software Defined Mainframe® (SDM). 
  • Parallel Processing: The implementation of LzLabs‘ SDM allowed for parallel customer request execution, further optimising the operations.
  • Offloading and Investment Protection: By offloading tasks to the SDM, the company not only improved performance but also protected its mainframe investment. 

The Customer.

This global automotive manufacturer, with a rich tradition, was determined to meet the challenges of today’s market and evolving customer expectations. Their commitment to providing top-notch digital services led them to explore modernisation solutions that would improve efficiency and agility. 

The results.

Enhanced Service Levels

With the implementation of the LzLabs SDM, the company achieved higher service and shorter response time levels for both its sales organization and customers.

Cost Reduction

The project resulted in a substantial reduction in mainframe operating costs, enabling cost savings that could be reinvested in further modernisation efforts.

Scalability & Elasticity

The SDM's modern cloud platform provided the company with the scalability and elasticity needed to meet future challenges and opportunities.

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