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Navigating Modernisation Challenges: Incremental, Low-Risk Approaches to Success

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Rather than opting for drastic transformations, businesses increasingly embrace a more incremental and low-risk approach to modernisation. This approach provides several advantages over the traditional methods. It focuses on building the fabric of change within the organisation, taking small but meaningful steps towards modernisation. Let’s explore the key components of this incremental, low-risk journey towards […]

How to Apply the Seven Rs of Modernisation: FAQ

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How can legacy IT modernisation be less of a challenge and more of an opportunity? And what are practical approaches to implementation that help reduce risk and deliver incremental business value? These and other related questions will be answered in the following sections. Q: Why should anyone transition from the mainframe to other platforms? A: […]

The Science Behind Reindeer Flight. And Why This Is Relevant for Mainframe Modernisation

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Firstly, consider the coordination required. Just as Santa’s reindeer must synchronise their movements to soar smoothly, modernising a mainframe demands seamless coordination among various systems, applications, and data. It’s a meticulous process that necessitates every component working in harmony to achieve successful integration.  Next, let’s ponder the resources needed. Reindeer harness a magical amount of […]

Testing: a key to mainframe modernisation success 

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In this blog post, we describe and go beyond the benefits of testing to see how LzLabs is leveraging decades of experience – and some clever tools – to help our customers achieve their goals. We think it is of critical importance to emphasise the key role that testing plays. Mainframe teams have perfected their […]

Secure Operations with the LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe

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Why is this relevant to the CIO?  The SDM enables secure administration of legacy applications using standard Linux tooling, requiring less specialised skills, and enabling a higher degree of automation and integration into modern solutions. Using standard dashboard solutions provides improved visibility and deeper insight into your legacy applications, all in a more cost-effective way.  […]

Enhancing Security and Identity Management with the LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe (SDM)

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Why is this relevant to the CIO?  Migrating your legacy applications to the SDM environment empowers your organisation to adopt leaner processes, accelerate onboarding, increase automation, and reduce duplication of efforts across teams. Additionally, the SDM allows you to adapt your processes at your own pace. You can continue using existing processes during and after […]

How to Move Mainframes into the Modern World

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Let’s use an analogy: In Zurich, a factory that pioneered alternating current for the locomotion industry was moved 60 metres in 2012 to continue its modern mission as a value-added hub for engineering inspiration. The notion of translocation — the movement of artefact, building or even plant — to a more favourable location turns out […]

Is the Mainframe Your Preferred Innovation Platform? 

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Every application modernisation effort, regardless of the platform, presents significant challenges. This is even more pronounced when dealing with existing applications on a mainframe. Legacy applications are designed to support current business needs. However, new challenges continually emerge on the horizon: new requirements must be addressed, which can only be accommodated to a limited extent […]

The Role of Women in Tech: Observations and Three Recommendations

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Starting in 2018 with founder Ayumi Moore Aoki’s mission to promote girls’ and women’s empowerment around the world, WIT has become the world’s leading organisation for Inclusion, Diversity & Equity in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). It’s more than an organisation, though. It’s a Call to Action in line with item 5.b of […]

Three Ways to Improve Prospects for Women in Tech

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But the summit in Paris inspired a lot of hope: using modern ways of thinking, exploring new strategies and having different conversations with girls and young women, we can, I believe, build more diverse, robust and successful workforces and spaces together.   WiT Global was an exhilarating showcase of what can be achieved in diverse […]

Functionality Testing: 5 Critical Success Factors

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In this blog post, we will share one of the most often overlooked elements of a successful migration from the mainframe to your preferred platform or tool of choice: testing! Why is faster testing so important for mainframe migration? Ask anyone who knows about application and data migration and they will tell you – good […]

Modernisation Calls for Business and Technology Champions

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One area where we are seeing informed and bold leadership is in modernising and future proofing critical systems, which shows a more enlightened perspective on driving shareholder value. Taking the decision to modernise last-century mainframes and navigate the organisation to a safe landing zone needs courage, integrity and determination. Collaborating honestly and openly to envision […]