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LzLabs: The World’s First Software Defined Mainframe Is Launched (Tribuna Economica)

LzLabs launched the first software defined mainframe that will allow customers to make a seamless migration of their existing mainframe applications to a Linux host and open cloud platforms. The LzLabs solution resolves the problem of many of the largest companies in the world.

“The evolution of alternative hardware platforms, particularly x86, shows that increasing volumes of mainframe workloads are easily supported by these systems” commented Dale Vecchio, Gartner in the Mainframe How Will Survive? (July 2015). “Many organizations that use mainframes are also considering their application portfolio, in an effort to find workloads that can be migrated to lower cost platforms,” Dale Vecchio and Mike Chuba, Gartner, continued in How to Reduce the Cost of IBM Mainframe Computing (September 2015).

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